We dug deep into the Claims Statistics of an area Insurer. Listed here are 3 sobering insights we discovered

We dug deep into the Claims Statistics of an area Insurer. Listed here are 3 sobering insights we discovered


“Curiousity killed the cat” is an oft quoted idiom, with destructive connotation in opposition to exploration of the unknown.

But the second one part (and regularly lacking) of the idiom additionally is going: “However Pleasure introduced it again”.

One in all our readers identified to us that NTUC Source of revenue makes their claims statistics to be had for viewing, and that brought about all our curiousity inclinations.


What kind of demographic would make up the most typical claims?

Are other folks claiming extra in this day and age?

And what are other folks claiming for?


Sign up for us as we delve into the numbers, and let curiousity get the easier people.


Working out the knowledge: What’s to be had and given?


NTUC Source of revenue supplies the claims statistics for the ultimate 5 years, and damaged down at a per month stage.

For each and every month, we will be able to see:

– The kind of claims made (Damaged into the three primary classes – Loss of life, Vital Sickness, and (TPD) Overall & Everlasting Incapacity)
– The collection of each and every declare
– The full quantity claimed for that month



Moreover, it supplies extra element into claims of greater than $100,000.

– Sort: Loss of life or CI or TPD
– Age of the Claimant
– Reason for Declare
– Quantity claimed



We painstakingly accumulated the claims main points for the entire of 2022 and listed here are the three maximum sobering insights that we discovered.


1. A good portion of claimants are younger other folks, and the actual determine affected is usually a lot upper


There have been a complete of 294 dying claims made in 2022, of which 8.2% have been made by means of other folks elderly 40 and more youthful (the youngest was once 19!)

31.3 % of dying claims have been made by means of other folks elderly between 41 and 60, and 60.5% of dying claims have been made by means of other folks older than 60.

For Vital Sickness claims, the figures are much more sobering.

Out of a complete of 446 CI claims:

13.0% have been made by means of other folks 40 and more youthful (the youngest was once elderly 22)
56.5% have been made by means of other folks between 41 and 60
30.5% have been made by means of other folks elderly 61 and above


Feeling younger and invincible is commonplace, however it should value your circle of relatives dearly


For the ones considering that they’re younger and are subsequently invulnerable, this must function a large get up name for 2 causes:

A) The claims statistics are considerably attributed to other folks elderly 40 and under, which is regarded as the height of well being and simply getting into the height of financial productiveness.

B) The actual figures may well be alot upper since more youthful other folks might prolong purchasing insurance coverage, considering “not anything will occur to me since I’m younger and wholesome”.

The numbers state in a different way, my buddies.


2. Most cancers is the main motive for dying, and likewise the main reason behind Vital Sickness Claims


Sadly, Most cancers tops the record for each claims classes: Loss of life and Vital Sickness.

Thats what the MOH has been pronouncing some of these years, and now it’s mirrored within the numbers as neatly.

45.5% of deaths have been led to by means of most cancers, and 78.9% of CI claims have been additionally because of most cancers.

In 2nd comes Center assault, cited as inflicting 10.9% of dying claims and eight.1% of Vital sickness claims.


Having ribbons for most cancers is good. Having sufficient coverage in opposition to it’s higher


3. Other people have a tendency to be insured for a better quantity for Loss of life, as an alternative of Vital Sickness


We when compared the typical payout for Loss of life vs Vital sickness, and here’s what we discovered:

Reasonable Loss of life Declare: 245 okay
Reasonable Vital Sickness Declare: 204 okay

On moderate, because of this our dying duvet is upper than our Vital Sickness duvet by means of 20%.


May this be a subject matter?

Almost definitely, as a result of because of scientific advances, we live longer than sooner than, as increasingly more therapies are to be had to us.

No longer most effective that, because of our longer however extra irritating and disturbing existence, we’re encountering most cancers (and different crucial sicknesses) extra continuously.

Those two realitties counsel an pressing want to shut the space between dying and important sickness duvet.


Classes for us all


So is all of it doom and gloom for us?

No longer truly, as statistically talking, a large majority people nonetheless lead lengthy, wholesome lives. However this newsletter is supposed to attract consideration to the truth that:

Despite the fact that you might be younger, there’s nonetheless an important likelihood that untimely dying and important sickness might strike.

Coverage in opposition to most cancers can’t be understated.

And in any case, we must truly glance into the security hole for Vital Sickness in comparison to Loss of life.


Sure I’ve 9 lives hooman, however you don’t have that luxurious


What do you take into consideration those statistics? Did we omit out any perception? Percentage your ideas with us within the feedback under!

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