Advantages of the SprintRay Crown Equipment

Advantages of the SprintRay Crown Equipment

Dental crown recovery is a commonplace process in dentistry for broken or weakened tooth. Historically, this procedure has required more than one visits to the dentist and the involvement of an exterior dental laboratory for crown production. On the other hand, developments in virtual dentistry have presented computerized resin printing programs with a excessive vary of strengths, containing ceramic debris of their composition, comparable to SprintRay resins (Fig. 1), which give mechanical resistance similar to the herbal put on of tooth. Sooner or later, we will be able to be expecting even upper resistance with resins containing as much as 50% ceramic debris in Europe.

Printing crowns in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee_fig1

Fig. 1

On this article, we discover the SprintRay Crown Equipment (Figs. 2 & 3), a progressive instrument that allows the fabrication of dental crowns in lower than 15 mins the usage of intra-oral scanning era and synthetic intelligence-powered (AI-powered) printing.

The program provides each dentists skilled in and dentists new to virtual era a quick and actual selection for enamel recovery with crowns, decreasing remedy time and making improvements to the affected person revel in. It no longer best lets in dentists with out virtual experience to hold out the printing procedure, but additionally supplies transparent directions for auxiliary team of workers, giving logical and standardised steps.

What are the stairs to be adopted within the all-in-one printing protocol?

Step one comes to intra-oral scanning of the ready enamel the usage of a high-precision intra-oral scanner. This virtual scan is then transferred to dental design device for crown making plans (Fig. 4). Such device lets in the dentist to customize the form, dimension and different aesthetic main points of the crown, making sure an exact have compatibility and herbal look. As soon as the design has been finished, it’s despatched for printing to the designated printing platform, which seamlessly receives the report and utilises AI algorithms to put the design optimally, suggesting the most productive orientation for optimum effects.

What design programs can be utilized?

A number of programs are to be had, together with AI SprintRay, Medit app, CAD/CAM Clothier (freelance) and Clinux. AI SprintRay is an AI-based design device equipped via SprintRay Cloud Design (Fig. 5). The program is to be had 24/7 and will interpret and generate a crown design in keeping with user-selected parameters really useful via the clever device. Inside of 5 mins, the design shall be able for direct printing with a excessive degree of precision. It additionally supplies an extra type for verifying the peripheral have compatibility and sealing of the scanned abutment (Fig. 6). Each pictures are despatched to the pc in the course of the cloud printing app, permitting the dentist to obtain them as information or print them concurrently. The extra type serves as fortify for sharpening the crown all over post-processing, offering comfort in dealing with the crown with out touching it with arms. (Fig. 7).

The Medit app is a crown fabrication device inside the Medit Hyperlink app (Fig. 8). It lets in for personalized and loose design in keeping with a preoperative case or a brand new crown, utilising a modifiable enamel library and easy brushing equipment so as to add or take away subject material as wanted. It is usually adjustable for touch issues and antagonist relationships.

The CAD/CAM Clothier (freelance) device supplies an STL report of the crown, which can also be imported into the SprintRay printing device to procure the crown inside quarter-hour and whole the important post-processing for fast supply (Fig. 9). The design report will also be visualised on a cell phone the usage of the exocad viewer app prior to approving the design. As soon as authorized, the design can also be despatched thru a obtain platform like Google Power or by means of electronic mail to add it to the printer from the designated folder.

Clinux is an intuitive cloud-based CAD device equipped via CAD-Ray. There’s direct get entry to to the design program from the scanning program, enabling simple designing and next one-step printing (Figs. 10–12). This intuitive design device is user-friendly and appropriate for any dentist or educated auxiliary team of workers member who understands the fundamental ideas of proximal touch and occlusion adjustment.

What do I do as soon as the crown has been designed or won?

As soon as the design has been finished, the information is shipped to a selected printing unit. To minimise printing time, the SprintRay Professional 55S and its high-speed SprintRay Crown Equipment device are used. If the AI possibility from SprintRay is selected, the dentist receives information containing the design and the extra type for verifying the have compatibility as soon as revealed. After the producing procedure has been finished, the crown is examined at the ready enamel, and any important changes are made prior to definitive cementation. Glazing and characterisation can also be accomplished the usage of particular stains, comparable to VITA stains, after doing away with any residual resin and sharpening and buffing the crown with particular brushes (Fig. 13).


The SprintRay Crown Equipment provides important advantages for dentists and virtual laboratories. Most significantly, it significantly reduces remedy time, permitting the fabrication of revealed crowns in lower than 15 mins. Moreover, the precision of computerized printing guarantees a very good have compatibility of the crown, minimising the will for next changes and extending affected person pleasure This no longer best improves the potency of the dental place of work but additionally supplies a extra handy answer for sufferers via keeping off more than one visits and decreasing the total remedy time, differentiating the observe from the contest via providing a provider that may be finished in one talk over with.

Fig. 14

Fig. 14

In double-blind research, it’s been seen that the flexural coefficient of SprintRay Ceramic Crown is very similar to that of herbal tooth (over 100 MPa), and the common compression resistance of restorations made out of this subject material is roughly 150 MPa. On the other hand, those values would possibly range relying at the location and particular person construction of the recovery. Herbal tooth too can face up to important flexural forces owing to their interior construction, which incorporates onerous tooth within the outer layer and underlying dentine.

Resin crowns can showcase equivalent traits, relying on elements such because the design and thickness of the published resin, centric occlusion, design of the preparation (keeping off sharp edges and making sure the distribution of occlusal forces; Fig. 14) and protocol-based printing series and whole post-processing in keeping with the producer’s directions. Moreover, the resistance of each the resin and herbal tooth can also be influenced via the standard of the adhesive used, the kind of dental preparation carried out and different particular medical elements.

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