The Unmarried Enamel Implant | Pi Dental Middle, Castle Washington, PA

The Unmarried Enamel Implant | Pi Dental Middle, Castle Washington, PA

A dental implant could be a long-lasting choice for the substitute of a lacking unmarried teeth. A lacking teeth can negatively impact your dental well being, your look, and your vanity. The enamel paintings in combination whilst you bite, generating micro-movements that stimulate your jawbone and gums, which keeps them wholesome. A lacking teeth inhibits this herbal procedure, inflicting bone and gums to erode.

When a teeth is lacking, the opposing teeth can super-erupt. Bone loss across the teeth can sooner or later result in the lack of the opposing teeth. As well as, there’s not anything to take care of the gap. Moving can happen, which can regulate your chunk (occlusion). There are 3 commonplace choices for the substitute of a unmarried lacking teeth. They come with a detachable prosthesis, a bridge supported by way of herbal enamel, and an implant-supported crown.


A detachable prosthesis or “flipper”:

Maximum sufferers don’t seem to be glad with this selection as a result of the majority steel and acrylic and the unpleasant clasps vital to stabilize the prosthesis.

A bridge supported by way of herbal enamel:

For this selection, the adjoining enamel are ready to beef up the bridge. This may shorten the lifespan of wholesome adjacent enamel. As well as, if there’s a downside with one of the most supporting bridge’s enamel, all of the bridge will wish to get replaced.

Remedy Protocol The usage of Enamel In A Day®Steps for unmarried teeth implant placement.

 A single tooth implant is inserted to replace a missing tooth. The lacking teeth root is changed with a dental implant. This dental implant will bond with surrounding bone, offering a company basis for the crown.
A temporary crown is attached to the single tooth dental implant. The usage of the Enamel In A Day® Protocol, a brief acrylic teeth will also be positioned on the time of dental implant placement for instant esthetics.
A final crown is delivered following Teeth In A Day dental implant treatment. Placement of the overall teeth – Our skilled ways be certain optimum dimension, form, colour, and are compatible. Those unmarried restorations mix fantastically along with your facial traits and herbal enamel.

A single-tooth implant-supported crown:

Dental implants are small titanium screws that substitute and serve as like herbal teeth roots. Implants are positioned gently throughout a brief surgical process, then a hard and fast crown is fixed on it.

This non-removable resolution appears and feels herbal and is more uncomplicated to scrub. You’ll be able to floss between the implant-supported unmarried teeth and the adjacent enamel.

In contrast to the choices, dental implants don’t endanger the adjacent enamel as a result of they aren’t required to offer beef up. With excellent dental repairs, your single-tooth implant will have long-term luck. Dr. Slauch states, “The usage of a dental implant to for a unmarried teeth is regarded as the usual of maintain the substitute of a lacking teeth as a result of the advantages of being mounted (non-removable), feeling like a herbal teeth and the power to floss and blank it like an ordinary teeth.”

  • Solid
  • Horny
  • Lengthy-Lasting
  • Herbal
  • Wholesome

Sooner than and After Footage of a Unmarried Enamel Recovery

Male Affected person Footage
A pre-treatment photo of a patient's mouth with one missing front tooth Post-treatment smile following delivery of the final tooth crown supported by a single tooth implant.
Feminine Affected person Footage
A patient's mouth prior to placement of a single tooth implant. Post-treatment smile following placement of a single tooth implant and delivery of the final crown.


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